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2001 All-Star Break
The All-Star Game is getting close. Today is the start of the All-Star Break. Both teams have gotten together and will practice until the big game. For the next three weeks there will be no games. We have decided our captains. For Ireland it's Seeker Greg Hustle of the Bats and for Britain it's Seeker Jimmy McGregor of the Cannons. The game will be held at Cannon Pitch, home of the Chudley Cannons. We talked with Jimmy McGregor about how he feels about being captain. "It's Great! I really hope I can lead the team to victory. The rest of the Cannons will be practicing hard for when we get back. We hope to turn things around before the end of the season.
The Week 8 Schedule!
Week 7, and the NQL is still great. The Cannons are finally back in the Playoff race. The Magpies and Wasps are both still undefeated! Here are the games to look forward to for Week 8!

Arrows vs. Pride
Bats vs. Tornados
Catapults vs. Wanderers
Cannons vs. Falcons
Kestrels vs. Wimbourne Wasps
Magpies vs. United

Because there is an odd number of teams the Holyhead Harpies will not play, look for there next exciting match when they play the Chudley Cannons! REMEMBER: The games won't be played until August 18th!

Week 7 Scores
Magpies beat Arrows 290 to 80

United beat Bats 210 to 70

Tornados beat Catapults 190 to 50

Cannons beat Wanderers 230 to 70

Wasps beat Falcons 210 to 30

Pride beat Harpies 240 to 60